About Relax

Relax is a western owned company that has been established with honesty, integrity, vision and a total understanding of what is expected from a high-end villa management company. We focus on delivering personalised service to villa owners and providing them with a sense of security that their investment is well taken care of.

Professional villa management is the key element of the service that we provide at Relax Management. Our dedication will ensure that every aspect of your property is managed to high western standards, from professional property management, staffing, maintenance and servicing of your villa, to the administration, training, marketing, reservations and contracts involved in letting your villa, if you require it. The benefit to the owners in this arrangement is enormous. By the owner handing over management to Relax, the owner avoids many of the pitfalls and difficulties of villa management, allowing them to take a step back and enjoy everything that their property has to offer.

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